Nourish Yourself By Honoring What’s Present For You Now

Every day, life presents us with a set of ingredients to work with. It’s up to us to turn them into something delicious.

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I love to cook. The kitchen was where, as a child, I first discovered that I could be a creator. As I explored and experimented with all kinds of dishes, I came to appreciate that it’s not just the ingredients, but how you work with them, that makes a meal wonderful. 

That’s why, in addition to cooking, I love watching cooking shows. One of my favorites is MasterChef, with its “Mystery Box Challenge.” The Mystery Box might hold durian or dogfish, Spam or spaghetti. All contestants start with the same raw materials, but they don’t know what they’ll get until the box is opened. Each chef draws upon the richness of their culture, their culinary training, and their unique take on life to dazzle the judges and win hearts and stomachs. Everyone has the potential to face glory or mishap. 

What a perfect metaphor for daily life. Each moment offers us a rich spread of ingredients and options. We might find some experiences more delectable or desirable than others, but it’s up to us to decide how we work with them, doing the best with what we have.  

We might find some experiences more delectable or desirable than others,…

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