Olympic athletes find support in meditation

The Olympics are in full swing, and it goes without saying that athletes are under extreme pressure. Is it any surprise that some are turning to meditation to help cope? 

First, NDTV Sports reported that the Indian hockey team, returning to the Olympics after an eight-year hiatus, was practicing yoga and meditation to prepare for the London Games. 

Now there are reports that some athletes are regularly turning to meditation inside the Olympic Village, looking for stress relief. 

Some are visiting the Buddhist shrine there, according to BBC News Asia—but not all are Buddhists. "When whoever comes to my shrine, first of all I welcome them, and discuss whatever their problems are and then encourage them to do a little meditation, which is helpful for them to balance their mind and relax their mind," said the Most Ven Bogoda Seelawimala Thera, the monk in charge of the shrine.


[Photo: Flickr.com/Ben Sutherland]