Open Up to Gratitude

Explore these three mindfulness practices to connect with gratitude.

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Remembering what we’re grateful for is key to savoring this festive season. Yet it’s all too easy to lose ourselves in worries about giving, or receiving, the “perfect” gift. When we direct our attention toward the good will, kindness, and generosity in the world, we become infused with a wholehearted sense of gratitude, which we’ll share with those around us in the year to come. 

Feel and spread the warmth of gratitude with these three tips: 

1. Find presence in letting go

Sometimes our busy and stressed-out minds—or even physical clutter at work or home—can get in the way of appreciating the moment we’re in. Clearing and refocusing with a favorite song, a happy memory, or some mindful movement can help us let go of what we no longer need. Try these five (quick) practices to declutter your body and mind.

2. Awaken your five senses with delight

One of the best ways to anchor in to the present is through our senses. This simple 5-minute guided practice helps you to discover newness and joy in the countless sensations that your body can experience, as you mindfully notice what you can hear, smell, taste, touch, and see.

3. Let your thanks flow outward

It may seem like the smallest thing, but saying thank you—when we feel it in our heart—is a loving gesture that can ripple outward to benefit others more than we know. Check out this gratitude exercise to begin practicing the art of authentic thankfulness throughout your day.

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