Our Readers Tell Us How They Really Eat

While the majority of mindful readers prefer to eat at the table, the rest are sofa dwellers. Read more answers from our reader survey on food.

Bruce Mars/Pexels

Do you enjoy cooking?  

The majority—54% of respondents—say they enjoy cooking when time and energy allow them to. A more enthusiastic 20% always savor their kitchen adventures, while 13% said they like to cook for someone else, but not only for themselves. For 10% it’s a chore to avoid whenever possible, and the last 3% said they don’t know how to cook.

What food do you think is underrated by most people?

“Vinegar: so many types, so many uses!”

“Simple foods like soup and bread.”


“Natto: Japanese fermented soybeans.”

“Lentils and beans.”

“Fresh produce. I love grazing from my garden.”

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast and supper were the clear mealtime winners, with 39% and 38% of the vote. Lunch came in third at a respectable 17%. Another 5% expressed their devotion to snacks. A few brave respondents—a bit less than 1%—copped to their favorite meal being wine.

What’s the most interesting or unusual food you’ve ever eaten? Where did you try it?

“Custard apple in Vietnam.”

“Chicken feet in clear gelatin, in Moldova.”

“Fried oyster sandwich loaf in New Orleans.” 

“Rambutan from an uppity supermarket.”

“A coriander and lemon non-alcoholic drink that made me rethink everything.”

“Lizard in Costa Rica.” 

“Street food in China. It was very tasty, but very hot.”

“I love guava juice! They serve it everywhere in Hawaii.” 

“A weaver ant found in northern Australia. You bite off the green abdomen and it tastes like lime—it is very refreshing!”

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be…


“Rainier cherries from British Columbia.”

“French toast.”

“Indian parathas.”


“Fresh fruit.”