Pause App is Like Tai Chi for Your Thumbs

A new iPhone app helps you unwind by gently pressing swirling colors across your screen while listening to ambient sounds.

Pause is a $2 iPhone app that’s being billed as a meditation and relaxation experience by its creators, ustwo digital design studio and PauseAble, a Danish mental wellness company.

PauseAble founder Peng Cheng explained the tai chi element of the app to Fast Company

“It’s a martial artform. You can summarize the movement quality as slow, continuous, gentle movements. It’s deliberate movement from moment to moment that’s very special and different from everything else we’re doing in life. And that movement anchors attention away from our stressful thoughts. So we borrowed that idea and applied to the touch screen in the mobile phone.”

Earlier this summer, ustwo launched Moodnotes, a journalling app based in cognitive therapy in partnership with a company called Thriveport.