The Real Mindful Podcast

Conversations with mindfulness leaders, teachers, and visionaries, offering new perspectives and expert insight into living mindfully.

Join the editors at Mindful as they explore how mindfulness affects everyday life, in ways ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. Featuring conversations with mindfulness leaders, Real Mindful lifts up new perspectives and offers expert insight into living mindfully.

Most Recent Episode: Compassion Responding to the Pandemic From the Heart 

The Nurse Antigone is a play by nurses for nurses that offers compassionate space for our frontline healthcare workers to engage with the challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic. In this episode of the Real Mindful podcast, managing editor Stephanie Domet catches up with the event organizers. Read More

Mindful Staff Real Mindful Podcast Compassion Lean In to Love with Frank Ostaseski (Part 2) 

We pick up this remarkable conversation between old friends as Frank Ostaseski talks about the nature of our minds and how a useful comparison can be the ocean and its waves. Read More 

Mindful Staff January 27, 2022 Compassion Lean In to Love with Frank Ostaseski 

In this conversation with founding editor Barry Boyce, Frank Ostaseski…


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