Seahawks Bring Meditation to the Superbowl

Could the Seattle Seahawks' appreciation for developing both brains and brawn give them an advantage at the Superbowl this weekend?

While meditation is not mandatory for the team, practices involve breathing and yoga, and 20 team members have voluntarily started meditating a few times a week.

Michael Gervais, a sports consultant who works with the Seahawks, explains how the team uses meditation on and off the field:

Players new to meditation start off with six minutes of deep breathing, Gervais explained. As they gain more experience, they devote longer periods of time to the practice. Gervais said this demonstrated the tremendous tolerance they have for taking on extended tasks that can often be boring or difficult.

And has it been paying off?

“Collectively, they’ve learned to think more clearly under pressure,” Gervais said.

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