Sharon Salzberg: Real Happiness

Author and meditator Sharon Salzberg sits down with ABC News Anchor Dan Harris to talk about her new book and how meditation cultivates happiness. 

What is happiness? Is it winning a tennis game? Getting the upper hand in an argument with your wife? Sharon Salzberg assures ABC News anchor Dan Harris that it’s none of the above—even if the latter feels both lovely and rare to Harris.

In this 8-minute interview with ABC News, Sharon Salzberg, one of the most experienced meditation teachers in the U.S., opens up about her new book, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation, a 28-Day Program.

And she talks about just the kind of “happiness” her book refers to:

“It’s a little bit like being able to self-generate a sense of stability and presence and love, which is not so dependent on conditions. Because once what we’ve got is dependent on conditions, we just watch it go away and we’re devastated.”