Speak Out Against Bullying

April 13 has been declared National Speak Out Day in Canada – a day dedicated to raising awareness about bullying. In honor of this day that calls for courage and compassion, Alex Vander Vlugt premiered his film Speak Out: The Documentary.

The film was made solely by students and tackles the growing bullying issue. Alex Vander Vlugt wants his film to help “combat bullying and encourage teens to talk about the issue.”

“The mission of Speak Out: The Documentary is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth and build a bully-free society for all students and community members,” Vlugt said in a press release. “Created by youth for youth, the film will help us speak out for those who can’t.”

“The more we speak out today, the better our world will be tomorrow.”

Click to watch the movie trailer.