Stress Less: A Mindfulness Kit for Healthcare Professionals

Explore guided meditations, yoga practices, and other resources designed to help you find moments of connection, focus, and joy amid the stresses and strains of the season.

Stress Less

These are stressful days for everyone, but they have been especially challenging for healthcare professionals who have been showing up for their communities for more than twenty five months now through a pandemic. 

With that in mind, our team at Mindful compiled these accessible and actionable mindfulness practices to help you not only find a bit of calm, but also foster a way of being that becomes the foundation for authentic self-care. Please use these mindfulness practices freely, and often.

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Mindful Movement

Use these two guided yoga practices from Jessie Mahoney to connect with your body. 

1) Yoga for Nourishing and Healing Your Body

2) Yoga for Exploring Buoyancy:

Guided Meditations for Healthcare Workers

A collection of guided meditations from healthcare professionals and mindfulness teachers. Please feel free to download these meditations.

A 10-Minute Meditation to Arrive, Breath, and Connect with Lili Powell 

A 10-Minute Meditation for Deep Relaxation with Jenée Johnson

A 3-Minute Meditation to Connect with Loving-Kindness with Jenée Johnson

A 20-Minute Meditation to Ease Into Sleep with Mark Bertin

A 20-Minute Loving-Kindness Meditation to Expand Your Perspective with Mark Bertin

A 10-Minute Meditation to Ground Yourself with Cynda Rushton

An 8-Minute Meditation to Cultivate Presence and Healing with Frank Ostaseski

More Well-Being Resources

More reading and guidance from healthcare professionals and mindfulness teachers.

Try These Two Mindfulness Practices for Stress:

8 Mindful Ways Healthcare Workers Can Reduce Stress - Doctor in Mask Coronavirus Frontline Illustration
COVID Resources

8 Ways Healthcare Workers Can Reduce Stress 

Dr. Reena Kotecha and Dr. Chris Willard offer a collection of quick tips to help other healthcare professionals rediscover moments of calm and self-care, even during a grueling work day. Read More 

  • Christopher Willard and Dr. Reena Kotecha
  • November 24, 2020

Try These Two Mindfulness Practices for Compassion:

A Compassion practice for healthcare workers - Healthcare and Medical Equipment Icons in Form of Heart Illustration
COVID Resources

A Compassion Practice for Healthcare Workers 

In this guided loving-kindness meditation, Dr. Mark Bertin offers an opportunity to bring awareness to patterns of thinking, settle the mind, and dedicate a few minutes to self-care. Read More 

  • Mark Bertin
  • June 5, 2020

Try These Daily Mindfulness Practices for Healthcare Workers:

Paper cut outs of two blue hands and two green hands each reaching toward each other with a heart on each set of hands.

How Mindfulness Can Bring Healing to Health Care 

The crisis of stress and burnout among healthcare workers asks for more than just individual training. Dr. Jonathan Fisher unpacks why we need mindfulness at all levels of the system to create real change. Read More 

  • Jonathan Fisher
  • June 16, 2021


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