Submission Guidelines

Do you have an idea to share with Mindful readers? Read on to learn how to submit articles for consideration and what Mindful is looking for in submissions.

Please keep in mind that at this point in time, we do not use submissions in Mindful magazine regularly.

We are a premium digital website that aims to report on all forms of applied mindfulness—in healthcare, education, science, relationships, the business world, arts and culture, athletics, and home life. Our definition of mindfulness is broad but rigorous. We are looking for stories—journalistic reportage, profiles, essays—that illustrate how mindfulness can enrich our lives, the lives of those around us, and shape our world for the better.

Write us a pitch:

  1. Please send query letters to [email protected]. We cannot reply thoughtfully to story pitches made by phone or mail.
  2. Please become familiar with Mindful and our areas of coverage and the sections of our website before formulating your pitch. Consider why your article/essay/story is a good fit for our magazine and not another.
  3. Please specify where you see your piece running on Which section?
  4. Please supply us with clips/links to your published work and tell us about any other writer credentials you want us to know about.
  5. When writing your email subject line, consider keywords that will make your pitch stand out.

If you are submitting something you’ve already written:

  1. Please specify if your submission has been published elsewhere.
  2. We receive a lot of pitches and unsolicited manuscripts, so please have patience. We are a small team.
  3. Please keep point #2 in mind: what makes your submission stand out? What makes it uniquely suited for Mindful?