SURVEY NOW CLOSED: Mindful Messaging App Pilot Study

UPDATE: the survey has closed. Stay tuned for updates on future studies and other opportunities to download the Mindful Messaging app.

Research shows that the more anxious you are, the more likely you are to prefer texting someone instead of calling them. But if you’re anxious—or angry, or have just consumed a few pints—the state of mind that you’re in when you send a text also effects your communication.

“Texting is one of the many things people do to get rid of anxious energy or other negative feelings,” psychologist Leora Trub told Mindful when we first caught wind of the app back in August. “When you’re angry, it can be really tempting to send a spiteful message, even if you know it could make things worse. When you’re anxious about a new friend or love interest getting in touch, you may find yourself getting trigger happy with the phone, hoping for some reassurance.”

That’s why Trub and other researchers at Pace University teamed up with Inward Inc. to develop a new app that applies mindfulness to the behavior of sending text messages. This 21-day program is currently in the final stages of development, and in need of volunteers that will be compensated $40 to be involved in a preliminary study.

Want to be considered for this study? Complete this 20 minute survey. (Researchers are looking for participants between the ages of 18-29.)

By completing the survey, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for one of three $75 gift cards, but does not ensure access to the app.

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