The Age of Insight (Wikipedia Entry from 2050)

As The Mindful Revolution grows, Elisha Goldstein considers what society will look like in the year 2050. 

Mindfulness continues to grow—not only as a positive influence on the lives of many, but also society at large. I can’t help but imagine how it’s going to have an impact in the years that follow. (Maybe I’m a bit on an idealist, but I’ll hold that label lightly.) The following is my futurist’s take on The Mindfulness Revolution.

Wikipedia Entry from 2050

The Insight Age is a period in human history characterized by the shift from “continuous fractured attention” brought on by The Information Age through technology, to an age based on an expanded awareness and an increased ability to harness control of our attention to what matters. The onset of The Insight Age is associated with The Mindfulness Revolution, just as The Digital Revolution marked the onset of The Information Age.

During The Insight Age, the phenomenon is that the mindful industry has created a present-focused society surrounded by leaders in various sectors spanning their influence on how education, business, politics, health care, and other service sectors operate.

In our current culture, the mindful industry fosters insight for individuals to be more aware of their personal needs, increase their focus, simplify their decision making, strengthen their relationships,…