The Best Podcast Episodes of 2019

Explore the podcasts that resonated with us this year—from working with attention and focus, to the importance of reading deeply.

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At Mindful, we love podcasts. From working with attention and focus, to mindful advice to parents, to our very own Point of View podcast, here are some of our favorite ones to listen to:

The Best Podcast Episodes of 2019 1) The Ezra Klein Show

Episode: “Your attention is being hijacked. Chris Bailey can help”

Productivity, for many, means trying to wring every last drop of work out of ourselves, day after day. And this desperate need to “keep busy” can also prevent us from mindfully directing our attention. But that’s precisely Chris Bailey’s mission: The author of Hyperfocus is on a mission to shift productivity culture toward, instead, “doing the right things…deliberately and with intention.” Bailey argues that taking a more mindful approach to work is how we can sustain our focus and creative juice in the long term.

2) On Being with Krista Tippett

Episode: “The Magic Shop of the Brain: Dr. James Doty”

Most people simply…