The Best Mindfulness Books of 2022

The Mindful editors look back on their favorite books published this year.

Throughout this year, we’ve savored and learned from an abundance of new books about mindfulness. From understanding the science of meditation to navigating difficult emotions to showing up with kindness and self-compassion (and maybe even changing your world), here are the Mindful editors’ picks for the best mindfulness books of 2022.

The Best Mindfulness Books of 2022 1) Let Your Light Shine

How Mindfulness Can Empower Children and Rebuild Communities

Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez • TarcherPerigee

In this book, the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) offer a compelling and comprehensive blueprint for radical change that begins with each of us and uplifts all of us. We get to know the Smith brothers and Gonzalez, their best-friendship, and the ways the HLF grew organically from the Smiths’ roots in the rough neighborhood of West Baltimore where they were raised by adults with deep meditation and yoga practices. Today, they offer yoga and mindfulness programming in underserved communities, empowering children and adults alike to become stewards of change. 

Early in Let Your Light Shine, the reader meets the lovable and wise Uncle Will, the Smiths’ godfather and mentor to all three authors. He…