The field of contemplative studies: it’s “multigenerational”

David Whitehorn shares his impressions of the contemplative studies field with Barry Boyce,'s editor-in-chief, in this recent interview.

Photo: Andypiper/’s Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce interviews David Whitehorn, director of the Atlantic Centre for Contemplative Science and Technology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada at the recent International Symposia for Contemplative Studies in Denver, Colorado.

Watch as Whitehorn shares his thoughts about the multigenerational nature of this relatively new field of study, as well as the scientific data now available, which points to measurable effects of even brief periods of mindfulness meditation.

Facilitated by the Mind & Life Institute, the symposia brought together a diverse group of researchers and scholars from all over the word to “explore the correlates and consequences of contemplative practice.”

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