The Mindful Survey: Creativity

What do the Smurfs, horses, and coding have in common? Find out in our latest reader survey.

Alexandr Vlassyuk/Dollar Photo Club
On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is creativity to you?

What gets your creative juices flowing:

56% OPT FOR THE HEALTHIEST OPTION—a walk in nature, while 22% prefer group conversation, and 17% choose meditation. Less than 1% choose a pack of cigarettes and some Tom Waits (though many readers choose Tom Waits without the cigarettes).


Housecleaning Sex COFFEE A little of the finest Herb and good old rock ‘n’ roll A hot shower Clean desk or cluttered desk?

47% CHOOSE A CLEAN DESK. I can’t do creative work when I know something needs to be tidied.” That’s a lot of organized people. A few of us at Mindful HQ could use your help!

What’s your #1 creative outlet?

43% OF OUR READERS LIKE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES THROUGH WRITING. Runners-up: Music (18%) and Photography (16%).


Performing a puppet show for my grandkids Coding Soapmaking Storytelling Forms & spreadsheets— that or making stuff up to see what people will believe Guerrilla street art… largely knitting Ineffective processes Compiling research notes. Honest.


• Gardening • Woodworking

• Cooking • Sewing

What time of day…