The New Whole Health

Dear Readers, In my previous work at the Shambhala Sun, and now at Mindful, I’ve been talking to lots of people about mindfulness over the past five years, and I’m learning something: Americans are redefining what it means to be healthy.

Twenty years ago, being healthy referred mostly to your body being free of disease. Now being healthy includes the state of our minds and our brains and our overall well-being—and mindfulness is a big part of that. That inspires me. It’s why I’m eager to come to work.

I’m excited for more people to learn about these valuable tools for living a healthy life—your brother, your mom, the guy in your office who just took stress leave. has been a great start. Mindful magazine is a further step. And MindfulTV—a video channel devoted to the new definition of health—would complete the picture.

I made a personal donation on behalf of my granddaughters, who I hope will experience mindfulness as part of their early education. For me, increasing appreciation for mindfulness goes beyond a professional mission. It’s a personal mission, as it is for so many others. I know mindfulness can help people in untold ways, and I’m eager to see the field grow, so that it can make a significant contribution to society, while making a difference in many individual lives.

With 5 days left to go, we are just $3,600 away from the $40,000 goal, which triggers the matching fund and instantly becomes $80,000. Every additional dollar beyond that will make our video offering more robust, allowing us to offer more live streaming and broader mindfulness programming.

If you are inspired to support this initiative this is a perfect time to take action.


Barry Boyce

Editor in Chief, Mindful