The Power of Seeing The Whole Picture

Point of View Podcast Episode 9: Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce and Editor Stephanie Domet talk about using mindfulness to slow down and see beyond our first impressions.

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  Point of View Podcast Episode 9: Piece of Mind 39:06

Stephanie Domet: Barry, the idea that the world is not, as you say in your column in Mindful this month, “what you see is what you get” feels like it’s at the root of a lot of mindfulness practices, that a desire to get beyond or above or maybe it’s beneath what we can see, drives saw a lot of us to the cushion. Would you agree with that?

Barry Boyce:  Well I think it’s a stress or pain. That is the immediate thing that drives a lot of us, we feel like you know it should be better than that, it shouldn’t feel this way. And I think as we get there and start to uncover a little bit, a part of what is causing stress is a disconnect between what we think ought to be going on in our minds, and then what’s actually going on in our minds.

Stephanie Domet: I remember when my now-husband and I were first dating long-distance and exchanging emails, and he had a quote from a singer-songwriter that he loved as his e-mail signature. And it was: “The…