The rewards of stopping and noticing

In preparation for the Institute for Mindful Leadership's recent Mindful Leadership retreat, we send some prework to the participants, inviting them to begin to notice some of the "autopilot" conditioning we all engage in from time to time, especially in parts of the day when we are transitioning from one place to another, like driving from home to work.

Just a few days before the retreat, one participant, Major General Gale Pollock (ret), was on her way to work when she found herself stopping and getting out of her car to join a group of people gathered on the street. 

What they witnessed was indeed quite unusual—the space shuttle Discovery was making a circle around Washington DC to thank the leadership for its support. Gale snapped a picture of this amazing sight and then sent it to me with the title "Mindfulness."

Later, during the retreat, she shared the story of stopping the morning rush, of recalling the prework for the retreat, and of being rewarded with the experience of seeing the shuttle in the company of so many others standing together and sharing the moment.

Now that is NOTICING!!

Do you have any interesting stories about what you've noticed while practicing mindfulness? If so, please share them with us!