The Wisdom of Eagles

Did you know that Minnesota has one of the highest concentrations of eagles in the country? A couple of years ago, I had a chance to visit the National Eagle Center, just south of Red Wing. While there I was able to see eagles that had been rescued (no cages) up close, as well as see a number of eagles in the wild.

Many cultures have been drawn to this incredible bird. After spending an afternoon learning about them, it was easy to understand why this is so. These large, majestic raptors are incredibly impressive up close, with their earthy-colored bodies and heads adorned with the whiteness of experience. They seem to possess an inherent wisdom and a knowing gaze. They're also fine with "being messy" from time to time.

While in Red Wing, I also learned that spending an afternoon observing them in flight is a great way to share in their wisdom. Now I'd like to share this wisdom with you. 

Eagle Wisdom

If you wish to see an eagle in flight, you must take the time to be thorough and look far beyond the places you might expect to see a bird in the sky. Eagles often soar at amazing altitudes and may even seem to disappear behind the clouds from time to time. So, lesson number one: SIT, BE PATIENT, AND OPEN TO EXPLORING NEW HEIGHTS.

When you find an eagle in flight, you quickly notice that eagles are masters of energy conservation. By completely spreading its wings and by paying careful attention to balance, it uses only a minimal expenditure of energy to remain aloft, moving at great speeds, buoyed by the natural currents of air, and trusting that the wind will carry it precisely where it needs to be. So, lesson number two: STRETCH OUT FULLY, FIND YOUR BALANCE AND LET IT UNFOLD.

Finally, when you dedicate an afternoon to being with the eagles, you may witness an eagle at play. Somehow even amidst the work to thrive in the wild, an eagle values play. Without warning, it will sometimes break from the expected trajectory of its flight path and cartwheel through the air, seemingly for no reason other than because it can. So, the final lesson of the day: FIND TIME TO BE JOYFUL.

Wishing you a day filled with the wisdom of the eagles!

Warm regards,