This New Website Turned Hundreds of Scientific Studies into Meditation Practices You Can Try Right Now

Greater Good in Action is a one-stop-shop for mindfulness-based and research-backed practices that can help you build essential skills for navigating challenges and living a more fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable life.

From building empathy to learning gratitude for the little things in life, Greater Good in Action has you covered. This simple website from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley is teeming with new practices for you to try, from mindful breathing to giving yourself a self-compassion break. The website is designed to help you find practices that can make a difference in your life with easy filters to find the practice specifically for your needs. The site is interactive and easy to integrate it into your life. You can save practices that interest you, mark ones you’ve completed, take quizzes, comment on how the practice worked for you, and read how it’s worked for others.

Greater Good in Action’s practices range from casual to intensive. You can choose one that’s five minutes or one that’s a whole day. Each practice has all the information you need to understand it, in straightforward language. When you find a practice you’re interested in, you can view and save it and read why you should try it, how to do it, and scientific evidence that the practice works. Greater Good Science Center revolves around using science to create a more compassionate society and giving you the tools to help. The science and research-backed approach used to create Greater Good in Action means you can see the evidence behind each practice that shows that it works and how.

Easy to use, interactive, and extensive: Greater Good in Action is filled with powerful practices you’ll love and are simple enough that you can start them today.