Three Meditations for Beginners

Explore these simple practices to connect, focus, and be in the moment.

grthirteen/Adobe Stock

5-Minute Breathing Meditation

  • 5:00

Connect with the breath. One of the most basic methods of meditation is to anchor your attention to the breath. Since the breath is always with you, you can practice following its movement anywhere you may find yourself, making it an ideal introduction to meditation. Explore this practice to focus on your breathing in the moment and, over time, reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. 

10-Minute Body Scan

  • 9:56

Tune in to the body. Our body often takes on the brunt of our stress, whether that be from clenching our jaw in frustration or pushing ourselves too hard at the gym. A body scan practice helps direct your awareness toward the parts of your body that need the most care, so you can discover relaxation and ease. Explore this brief meditation to reconnect with body and mind. 

A Practice to Shift Out of Doing Mode

  • 7:06

Be in the moment. When we are in “doing mode,” we’re so busy jumping from one activity to the next that we lose sight of what’s happening here and now. In order to get multiple things done at once, we slip into autopilot and miss out on all the smaller details of our day. Try this meditation to transition from doing to being, so that you can deeply appreciate the present moment.