Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Stress isn't reserved for adults. Here are a few simple mindfulness practices for children. 

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While mindfulness can be tricky for anyone to practice, there are particulars to consider for children, says Roy Hintsa, a Toronto area stress reduction facilitator.

Hintsa suggests younger children will respond to more physical practices. She recommends some practices for preschool children:

Have your child lie down on a mat on the floor, or on their bed, and place their favourite stuffed animal on their belly. Have them rock the stuffed animal to sleep with the movement of their belly as they breathe in and out. This is how they can begin to pay attention to their breathing.

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Hintsa also has tips for practicing with the whole family, like taking three mindful breaths before eating together, and sharing one grateful moment you had that day at bedtime.

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