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Music for mothers

In villages throughout India, women are singing about IUDs and iron supplements, saving the lives of countless mothers and their infants, as an aspect of Save A Mother. SAM is an NGO whose mission is to deliver crucial health information and resources to vulnerable Indian communities. Gita Gupta, a trained health activist with SAM, says she has often incorporated maternal health information into traditional folksongs, because musicalizing the information makes it easier to remember.

Having a baby can be fraught with health risks in these rural areas, resulting in tragically high maternal mortality rates. While SAM has also aided in tuberculosis detection and increased acceptance of contraceptives, their education and advocacy programs are focused on pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery, and infant care. The organization trains volunteers, primarily women, to empower other women in their villages to be proactive about their health needs. Their goal is social change where healthier behaviors become the norm. Since 2008, they’ve worked with more than 2 million people in over 1,000 villages. In that time, maternal deaths decreased by 90% and infant deaths by 57%.

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