plant growing out of brain
Mindfulness Research

5 Ways to Nourish Your Brain 

The brain is our "grand conductor"—playing a vital role in everything we do. Here's what science tells us about keeping it healthy. Read More

  • Jennifer Wolkin

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Train Your Brain to Break Bad Habits—Illustration of junk food and beverages over a bright blue background.

Train Your Brain to Break Bad Habits 

Researchers are pinpointing the brain circuits involved in forming habits. Elisha Goldstein takes us through a mindfulness practice to curb bad habits.  Read More 

  • Elisha Goldstein
  • October 10, 2014
Free Webcast: Train Your Brain
Mindfulness Research

Free Webcast: Train Your Brain 

ABC News Anchor Dan Harris and neuroscientist Richard Davidson explore the science behind training your brain for happiness, good health, and more.  Read More 

  • Mindful Staff
  • September 25, 2014

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