Transforming Self-Care into a Passionate Movement

Five steps we need to take in order to build a self-care movement that can bring positive change to our collective struggle.

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Over the past eight weeks, we’ve begun changing our perspective of self-care, taking it from a purely individual pursuit to one that relies on community, and filling our toolbox with best practices, resources, and practical tips along the way.

Now, for this final installment of the “Self-Care in Politically Charged Times” Series, we’re going to start looking at self-care as a societal movement that we must champion. Take a moment to imagine the power of a self-care movement—a wave of kind care connecting communities, healing our bodies and minds, sustaining our energy and momentum, and helping us all live healthier, happier, and more balanced lives.

That’s pretty awesome.

So how do we make self-care a cornerstone practice, bringing it into our social groups, homes, and offices? Before we embark on this journey, I think it’s important to examine and appreciate the rich history of self-care.

The History of Self-Care

The “radical” concept of self-care was born during the civil rights era, a time when brave individuals were fighting the relentless enemies of prejudice and discrimination.…