Tune in: Three Guided Meditations to Conquer Anxiety and Build Resilience

Explore these practices hand-picked by the Mindful Editors to help you cultivate inner strength.

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Build Resilience

Uncertainty is like fertilizer for difficult emotions. This meditation reminds you that life is always in flux and the most courageous thing you can do is slow down, turn toward your difficult emotions, and meet them with compassion. By staying with both the highs and lows of your inner experience, over time you become more resilient, meeting each moment with strength.

  A 10-Minute Meditation to Work with Difficult Emotions 10:20 Respond with Calm

Anxious feelings often provoke us to act in habitual ways. For example, when you’re anxious you may find yourself chewing on your nails or lashing out at close friends. By practicing mindfulness, you can bring awareness to your experience and respond, rather than react, to the moment at hand. This meditation helps you open up, so you can choose whether to engage in a habitual action or simply stay with your feelings.

  A 23-Minute Anxiety Practice 22:24 Create Space

When you dig into the storylines that trigger anxiety—whether it be memories, thoughts, or self-conditioning—you begin to give yourself the space you need to live with more ease. This practice helps you acknowledge your anxious feelings rather…