Two minutes for mindfulness

A short practice offered by Elisha Goldstein to help you come down from a busy day and ground you in the present moment. 

Monday's aren't necessarily generous when it comes to free time, but in the spare moments we do have, we can take a breath. Or two. 

Do you have two minutes? Try out Elisha Goldstein's two-minute mindfulness check-in. Although a few minutes of mindfulness aren't going to give you the benefits of a full practice, practicing for two minutes, a few times day, can add up. 

On his mindfulness and pyschotherapy blog, Elisha writes, "When can you practice? Look for the “in-between” moments. These are moments before you are about to take a break or while you’re waiting for someone. As you get the hang of this you won’t need this video and can practice it when parked in the car, in the bathroom, or while waiting in line."


Quick bites of mindfulness can add up, says Elisha Goldstein. 

Photo © brown