UMiami Hurricanes Learning Mindfulness

The University of Miami Hurricanes football program will partner with neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha to investigate how mindfulness training can help football players—just like the Seattle Seahawks. 

Is mindfulness the key to athletic success? Just ask the Seattle Seahawks. The 2014 Super Bowl champion revealed that many team members practiced mindfulness meditation throughout their winning season.

But more than mindfulness giving players a performance advantage, this project will look at the brains of football players as they learn mindfulness practices and apply them to the field.

“The question we ask is if mindfulness training—which has been found to benefit high-stress groups like soldiers, Marines, CEOs and college students—can help student athletes in their academic and athletic performance,” said Dr. Jha, associate professor in the University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences Department of Psychology and director of contemplative neuroscience for the UMindfulness Initiative.

To learn more about the Cain Brain project, read the full press release.

Recently, Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), author of A Mindful Nation, invited former NFL players and military veterans to the Capitol to discuss the benefits of mindfulness in their recovery from brain trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.