Upgrade Your Environment

Two mindful business advisors answer your workplace questions.

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Scenario: Considering leaving a promising career in corporate America in search of a more mindful environment. Where to begin? Categorize under: Career planning Advisor: Janice Marturano

First, let’s explore what a “mindful environment” might mean.

If you are a meditator and seek an environment that’s a bit more supportive of such a practice, I recommend talking to your current employer about it. You may be surprised. If you are leaving for certain, make sure to ask other potential employers about their wellness and mindfulness programs.

Searching for a perfect work environment will leave you searching forever.

If your values and passion don’t align with the work you’re currently doing or your organization, spend some time looking into this question. Then you can base your job search on what your reflections (or counsel from trusted advisors) reveal. That way you won’t find yourself back in the same unsatisfying situation.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that mindfulness is about learning to meet your life—just as it is—with clarity and equanimity. Moving around in search of a perfect work environment—one with no challenges—would be a very long search indeed. So applying mindfulness in…