Try the HALT Practice to Tune In to What Your Body Needs

Sometimes we need to drop into our body to discern what we need in this moment. The four questions in this practice allow us to self-regulate by attending to what our difficult emotions or physical sensations may be telling us.

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This is a short check-in self-regulation practice known as HALT. This is one that’s been floating around self-help circles for many years. What we want to do is basically check in with a few of our basic needs and emotional state—to uncover what your body needs. 

What Does HALT Stand For?

In a nutshell, H beacons for asking ourselves: Am I hungry right now? A means checking in to see: Am I angry or anxious, or otherwise dysregulated and activated? L stands for lonely: Am I feeling lonely in this moment? And T stands for: Am I tired? 

Tune In to What Your Body Needs with the HALT Practice    A 12-Minute Practice to Tune In to What Your Body Needs 12:07 Find a comfortable posture. If it works for you, you can simply allow your eyes to close, or leave them open and gently gaze downward. H: Check in with your body for any signals related to hunger. Are you hungry in this moment? How do you know? Do you feel it in your belly? Do you feel your energy down? Do you feel that “hangry” grumpiness coming on that some of us are familiar…