Using Mindfulness to Befriend All of Our Emotions

Mindful Founding Editor Barry Boyce talks with Stephanie Domet about the power of emotions, and how we can become aware of our feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

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  Point of View Episode 11: Mindfulness and Emotions 45:38

Stephanie Domet:  Barry I’m so glad you chose to write about emotions for the October issue. As a fiction writer, I feel obsessed with feelings and how we react to them or act on them, our own feelings and the feelings of others. What made you want to write about emotions this time out?

Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce: When you said feelings I’d heard that old song in my head. Feelings feelings were in, remember that?

Stephanie Domet:  Whoa whoa whoa feeling, that one?

Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce:  Exactly. It’s the cliché cheesy song, it’s the ultimate cheesy song right. Feelings is a go-to for mindful. When we did our Getting Started series in 2014, it was very important to us that. Very early on we addressed working with emotions. You know we’ve always felt it’s really important to let people know that emotions are a key area of investigation for mindfulness. It’s not just about attaining some never changing kind of way of behaving and thinking and acting. Mindfulness turns its lens to the full range of emotions that we have. So I’ve been meaning to do this Point of…