VIDEO: “Building a Slow Food Nation”

Moderated by Corby Kummer - Wendell Berry, Vandana Shiva, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Eric Schlosser and Carlo Petrini join together in conversation about the local, national and global impact of the philosophy and practice of Slow Food.

The “slow food” movement has been gaining popularity over the past few years as people are trying more to be environmentally conscious. This movement encourages a focus on the local ecosystem in farming and the growing of food that is natural to one’s region. It also promotes growing that food in a manner that is friendly to that ecosystem. Watch this panel discussion with leading voices in the field.

This video is the second chapter of 15, it follows the moderator introduction.This chapter features Wendell Berry on “Deconstructing the Idea of Pleasure.” The remaining chapters may be watched here.

Remaining chapters include :

03. Scaling Down Our Carbon Foot-Print

04. Wendell Berry Rereading Preamble

05. Local Adaptation

06. Eric Schlosser: Revival of Food Culture

07. Lack of Focus on Human Rights

08. Carlo Petrini: Social Injustice

09. Rethinking the Definition of Slow Food

10. Differing Views of Heaven and Hell

11. Vandana Shiva: Nutritional Apartheid

12. Food as Social and Ecological Justice

13. Examples of AgriBusiness Food Programs

14. Alice Waters: Learning Through Doing

15. American Slow Food Wishlist