VIDEO: Contemplative Ed.—why you should care

Dr. Tish Jennings explains the effectiveness of contemplative teaching and learning.

Watch as Dr. Tish Jennings, Director of the Garrison Institute's Initiative on Contemplation and Education, and Assistant Research Professor at the Prevention Research Center at Penn State University, as well as blogger, is interviewed by Maria LeRose about the value of contemplative education for both students and teachers.

She also talks about how the CARE for Teachers program is making a difference for so many educators. The video is about 22 minutes long.

To learn more on this topic, visit Tish Jennings's blog posts "On Education" here on Mindful org, as well as the stories in our Education section.

To see another video—created by students—about the value of mindfulness in education, click here.

Jennings was a speaker at the recent Creating a Mindful Society conference. Click here to register and listen to the other speakers (it's free).