Welcome to the New Mindful.org

Today, we proudly update our site to better serve your growing interest in mindfulness.

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For many of us the modern world is a digital onslaught. Data data everywhere and no time to think. Do more, in less time, but on more screens. Screens at work, in your pocket, on your wrist. So what does mindful.org offer with this brand new website, specifically designed to better deliver content to more of your screens? Are we also asking for a bigger share of your precious time?

We’re not asking for more of your time, we want to give you more time. We take our relationship with our readers very seriously. We are constantly giving ourselves what we call “The Friend Test”, as in “would I send this to a friend?”, or, most importantly, “would a friend find this intrusive?” Treating everyone who visits mindful.org, or signs up for our newsletter, with the same respect that we show our personal friends has worked for us this far.

Our new site is informed by the growing wisdom that the best way to convey information on the web is to get out of the way. Mindful.org now has a greatly simplified taxonomy, reflecting the power of search and social media to deliver the pieces you are interested in. At long last the site is responsive, allowing the large percentage of our readers who view us on mobile to have an enjoyable reading experience. The redesign also brings the aesthetics closer to our approach in the magazine: space and clarity now rule the page. We have a dedicated section to showcase our growing work with video. It is easier for us to feature content from the magazine, and, perhaps most importantly, the new website is going to expand our ability to work with a greater number of contributors. Finally, our new magazine section lets you explore in detail the contents of the current issue so you can understand the added value of an iPad or print subscription.

We’re excited to serve as your trusted destination for authoritative writing and reporting on the emerging mindfulness movement. We continually hear from readers how transformative mindfulness is in their lives. With this greatly improved website we hope the time you spend with us is now a more enjoyable experience.