Westin Launches Meditation Program for Guests, Employees

The hotel and resort chain has teamed up with Headspace's Andy Puddicombe to launch the year-long well-being initiative. 

Unlike previous well-being programs created by Westin, the latest campaign, called the “Westin Well-Being Movement,” is based on what the brand is calling its “six pillars”: “feel well,” “work well,” “move well,” “eat well,” “sleep well” and “play well.”

Andy Puddicome, founder of the online meditation app and program Headspace, kicked off the campaign last week with a meditation session in New York. In April, anyone who visits Westin Well-being web site will be able to download seven free 10-minute, meditation sessions designed by Puddicombe for both business and leisure travelers.

To learn more about the Westin’s initaitive, read the New York Times article. Looking for a little meditation yourself? You might want to check out Mindful’s practice page for guided instructions in a variety of meditaion practices, from sitting to walking to eating. You might also want to check out our Getting Started page for a series of audio, video, and other resources for meditation.