What Does Connection Mean to You?

Mindful readers share how they connect with themselves and their communities.

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How has the meaning of connection changed for you?

“Connection has taken on a deeper meaning. It’s so valuable to connect with those we can’t see on a regular basis. I do miss hugging and look forward to those hugs. They’ll be sweeter when it’s safe again.”
– Robin R.

“The more I started to connect, discover, and accept my inner self, I discovered I wanted more company. Then I forgave any misalignments with my family and friends. At some point I realized true connection meant connection to the entire world, just as it was.”
– Tiffany P.

“1. Being present when connecting with family and friends. Taking a genuine interest in what makes others happy and showing that you care about what matters most to them.”
– Lisa C.

“Normally, connection for me is ‘being there,’ telephonically, virtually and personally. It hasn’t changed; just how much I use them has shifted.”
– June N.

“Connection is the realization of oneness.”
– Mike M.

Where do you find a sense of community?

“With my book club”

“On my meditation app”

“Meeting friends out for food, drinks, & laughter and staying long after the food is gone!”

“With yoga friends”

How much social connection do you need to feel your best?

Every few weeks 30%
About once per week 37%
A few times per week 24%
Every day 19%

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