When Art Meets Science

Neurocomic, a graphic novel about the brain, was written and illustrated by neuroscientists who want to take us on a tour inside our own heads, with a little history thrown in.

Neurocomic tells the story of a man who haplessly gets sucked into a human brain. Wandering through a tangled forest of neurons, he encounters famous neuroscientists along the way.

Matteo Farinella and Hana Roš wrote the comic book, with Farinella doing the illustrations. They spend their working days at the University College of London on computational neuroscience and analyzing brain cells, respectively.

The objective of Neurocomic is to introduce a wider audience to the inner workings of the brain, so storytelling and entertainment are just as important as the science.

Have an inside peek at this sample of Neurocomic.

To learn more about how Neurocomic came together, check out this 14-minute documentary.

This web extra provides additional information related to an article titled, “When Art Meets Science,” which appeared in the December 2013 issue of Mindful magazine.