You Don’t Need to “Get” Anything to Trigger Gratitude’s Benefits

Here's a dose of gratitude from around the web to get you through Black Friday. Photo Club

Research shows that everyone benefits from expressions of gratitude: the giver, the receiver, and even the person witnessing the act. “You don’t need to ‘get’ anything to trigger these benefits,” mindfulness coach Ben Mochel wrote for Quartz yesterday. It’s a good reminder for Black Friday. And it’s heartening to see some mindful Black Friday “deals” out there: animals shelters waiving fees for adopting pets, free admission to state parks around California and others places.

Here’s another great addition to your Thanksgiving weekend: The Science of Gratitude podcast. It’s co-produced by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, a major resource for research on the impact of gratitude. The hour-long episode is hosted by Academy Award winning actor Susan Sarandon.