Your First Look at the Fall 2020 Issue of Mindful Magazine

Here's a sneak peek of the Fall 2020 issue of Mindful magazine. Meet twelve powerful women of the mindfulness movement, learn how to deepen your practice, and more.

Our Fall issue—The Power of Attitude: Change Your Mind, Change Your World—features twelve powerful women of the mindfulness movement: teachers, researchers, writers, and activists nominated by their peers to share what they’ve learned from years of practice. You’ll also find articles about creating nourishing change in your life, easing into sleep, going deeper with mindfulness, taking your practice to the next level, and more.

Twelve women of the mindfulness movement share how their deep practice has shaped the world they see—and the one they’re working toward.

Learn from powerful women leaders of mindfulness: Sebene Selassie, Cheryl Jones, Jenée Johnson, Diana Winston, Leslie Booker, Cara Bradley, and more.

The ground beneath your feet may be shifting, but mindfulness can help you return to what is true and to have courage when there is no path.

You could wing it on your own, but great mindfulness teachers can help crack you open, giving you the confidence to let your inherent wisdom take flight.