Your First Look at the June 2020 Loving-Kindness Issue

Sharon Salzberg shares her journey to loving-kindness, Rich Fernandez explores the importance of aligning with your purpose, and meditation teacher Kelly Barron guides us through what swimming taught her about self-compassion and letting go.

The June 2020 issue of Mindful Magazine features articles to help you deepen your love and compassion—both for yourself and others. From loving-kindness with Sharon Salzberg to connecting with your life’s purpose with Rich Fernandez, you’ll find meaningful practices for everyday life.

Meditation Teacher Sharon Salzberg Talks About the Power of Loving-Kindness

Founding editor Barry Boyce talks with his dear friend Sharon Salzberg about attention, resilience, anger, and the need to be kinder to ourselves and the world.

Excerpt from Sharon Salzberg’s upcoming book Real Change

In this excerpt from her forthcoming book, Real Change, Sharon Salzberg explores how compassion and loving-kindness can both soften and strengthen us.

What It Means to Have Clear Vision by Rich Fernandez

Learn about how connecting with your purpose can help you to thrive—and explore three key ways to assess if you are aligned with your purpose or not.

Easy Speed by Kelly Barron

Read how swimming taught the author about self-compassion and letting go—healing the wound of overachieving and staying loose in the face of resistance.