Your Friendly Neighborhood Meditation Studio

Kathryn Hayward takes us into the heart of an emerging trend in meditation: sleek, drop-in studios for the busy urban meditator.

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You have your cushion and you’ve downloaded that new meditation app you’ve heard so much about. So then why is it so hard to actually sit and be present? You know the benefits of mindful- ness—stress reduction, improved executive-brain function, increased ability to self-regulate—but that doesn’t make it any easier to establish a regular practice on your own. There is that class at the rec center across town, but it’s at a really bad time, and plus, the floors are always grimy. And as wonderful as a weekend retreat sounds, it’s just not in your budget right now.

Sound familiar? The irony of mindfulness is that while it doesn’t require anything other than your presence, it can be incredibly difficult to just…do…it.

Enter the urban meditation studio, a new breed of practice space popping up in urban cen- ters across North America. Offering a modern option befitting the booming mainstream inter- est in meditation, these studios provide begin- ners and seasoned practitioners alike with an array of drop-in sessions, programs, and more, in contemporary digs. According to a few of the enterprising minds behind this trend, the inspi- ration stemmed from personal need. Desiring a friendly, accessible place to sit…

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