Your Guide to Enjoying the Holidays

Here's 11 tips to help you be more mindful this holiday season. 

The holiday season can be challenging. Our “to do” lists are huge, so we race through each day, trying to get things accomplished, and often end up feeling stressed. This year, add some sanity pauses to your schedule to calm the chaos and help you embrace the potential for joy that the season presents.

Tip one: go deepTip two: devise a big-stuff strategyTip three: devise a small stuff strategyTip four: banish stress by making time to meditateTip five: manage expectationsTip six: add something new to your tried and trueTip seven: resist the urge to overspend on giftsTip eight: be gratefulTip nine: come up with a gesture to center yourselfTip ten: go for long walksTip eleven: keep your sense of humor

[Photograph by Markus Spiske]

This article also appeared in the December 2014 issue of Mindful magazine.
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