Your Guide to Finding the Best Mindfulness Teacher

The next step toward deepening your mindfulness practice may be finding a teacher that can offer you new insights. In our easy-to-use guide, we've outlined what to look for in a mindfulness teacher, and how to find the right one for you.

Mindfulness Teachers Do You Need a Teacher? Skills to Look For How to Find a Teacher Levels of Guidance

Do you need a mindfulness teacher?

As the incorporation of mindfulness practices into varied aspects of life—including work, school, hospitals, and more—grows in demand, so too does the importance of qualified mindfulness teachers. These professionals, trained to assist groups and individuals with integrating mindfulness into their thought processes and activities, can be invaluable. 

By understanding what mindfulness teachers offer and how to find the best mindfulness teacher for your needs, you can make a logical, empowered decision.

What Is a Mindfulness Teacher? The definition of a “mindfulness teacher” is currently fairly broad.

Search for a mindfulness teacher online, and you’ll likely see a range of types, from private practitioners to independent mindfulness programs.

The wiggle-room in determining what exactly a mindfulness teacher is and who can claim that title has prompted some leaders to seek—and even create—more rigorous standards. A small group of experienced teachers recently launched the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA), which was launched with the mission, “to…


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