3 Guided Meditations to Help You Find Balance This Holiday Season

We've gathered a few guided meditations to help you cultivate equanimity and meet whatever arises in the midst of the holiday rush.

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While the holidays are typically a time of celebration, they can come with certain expectations and a pressure to meet those expectations. Whether it’s the pressure to make it a memorable experience for your kids or the pressure of facing complicated family dynamics; the holidays can be just as stressful as they are celebratory. 

To meet whatever might come up this holiday season, we’ve gathered a few guided meditations to help you cultivate balance and equanimity in the midst of the holiday rush. 

3 Guided Meditations to Help You Breathe Through the Holiday Season

1. Let Your Practice Guide You Beyond Crisis Mode

When life feels chaotic, mindfulness can provide a safe space within ourselves for us to feel at home in. Georgina Miranda shares a variation on a loving-kindness meditation to feel more grounded and at ease, no matter your external circumstances. 

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2. Allow the Storm to Pass: A Guided Meditation for Resilience

When we put space between ourselves and the whirlwinds of emotion, we can find stability and cultivate resilience. Scott Rogers leads us in this guided practice using the metaphor of a hurricane to help us recognize the qualities and the impermanence of even our stormiest emotions.  

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3. A 12-Minute Meditation to Create Inner Balance in the Face of Change

Life is rarely, if ever, constant. And it can be difficult to remain balanced in the midst of change. But taking the time to be present can help you notice the moments of joy and love that are right in front of you. Susan Bauer-Wu shares a guided meditation to ground us in the present moment and cultivate equanimity.

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