9 Mindfulness Books to Add to Your Reading List

In our spring roundup of the best new mindfulness books, you’ll find titles that offer transformational wisdom on self-care, belonging, power, and more.

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The latest mindfulness books range from exploring the transformational power of self-care to benefits of practicing mindfulness for pain relief. Here are the Mindful editors’ favorite new titles. 

9 Mindfulness Books to Add to Your Reading List 1) Permission to Speak

How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting with You

Samara Bay • Crown

“To speak with the full wingspan of your voice requires some technical know-how as well as a certain flex of the permission muscle,” writes Samara Bay in this book that delivers plenty of each, and more besides. Bay is a speech and dialect coach who’s worked with actors, politicians, business leaders, and others who are looking for ways to fully discover and inhabit their voice. Permission to Speak goes beyond the easy “use your voice” platitudes that power hashtag-girlboss memes, and instead explores what it might mean to show up fully, in the way that we want to, and to find the joy in saying what we came to say. The book never shies away from frank talk about the ways systems of oppression have squelched and silenced some voices, and at every turn, Bay…