A 12-Minute Meditation to Rest Your Body in Gratitude

Take a restorative moment to release tension and feel deeply into gratitude for your hard-working body. 

Adobe Stock/ Iuliia

Taking a moment to pause with the intention to simply allow our bodies to rest in awareness can bring about a great sense of restoration and renewal to the heart. Our bodies are so overworked and often ignored. This guided awareness practice will allow us to feel a sense of gratitude for our body, in all of its beauty and mystery. 

Restore Your Heart by Resting Your Body   A 12-Minute Meditation to Rest Your Body in Gratitude 15:20 Starting off, find the posture that feels comfortable for you in this moment. There are many different postures that we can choose from. Check in with your body to sense into what posture is best for me right now? Once you’ve found that posture, just begin to notice and feel your body here and present in this moment, not trying to fix anything or to change anything about the body. Oftentimes, the body can be used just for the purpose of working, striving, and achieving, but in this moment, we’re inviting our bodies to just rest naturally.  Take a few moments to feel what it means to be alive…