A 20-Minute Loving-Kindness Meditation

Jessica Morey leads a meditation to help us connect with our own goodness. When we're anchored in feelings of love and gratitude, we can bring loving-kindness and compassion with us out into the world.

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A Gentle Loving-Kindness Meditation

  • 22:13

1. Start by taking a moment to listen to your bodyIs there anything that you could adjust? Is there anything that you could soften or invite to soften? Do you soften your heart, your chest, your belly?

2.Allow yourself to surrender to gravity.

3. Bring your hand onto your body.

4. Taking a few breaths, allow yourself to feel the support and

May I be happy just as I am. May my body be healthy and strong. I myself completely.

6. Repeat one word or phrase while remaining connected to your physical body

7. When yourself overflowing with these feelings of love and gratitude, you can begin to these feelings to someone else. Bring into mind someone in your life that makes it easy for you to love them. Wish for them to be well, to be happy and to be at ease.

8. As you end this meditative compassion

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