An Attitude of Gratitude

What do you appreciate? How do you show others gratitude? Mindful readers share their thoughts and tips.

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What’s one thing about yourself that you’re grateful for?

Definitely my resilience. I get knocked down, but I get up again!

My capacity to hold loving and kind space for others and my willingness to continuously move toward self-acceptance and self-love. That I can see beauty and be grateful even through challenging moments. I love my divine beautiful heart.

My capacity to forgive (and my ability to not only see but to genuinely feel joy from the myriad of life’s everyday, perhaps even ordinary, offerings).

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What’s one thing you tend to under-appreciate?



Myself. I don’t give myself enough credit and recognition.

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How do you express gratitude? What are you most grateful for today?

Health, fitness, family, friends, the list goes on…

Life is a gift and I’m grateful for this gift!

Family and life.

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What does gratitude look like to you?

Being in the present moment and appreciating what I have.

If you have an attitude of gratitude each day your life gets better and better.

Sitting in silence with my thoughts.

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